I’m born in The Haque, Holland. I started with singing at the age of 4 when I heard Maria singing Do,Re,Mi in the Sound of Music. While listening to the songs of my mam singing Nina Simone, Ella Fitzgerald and the classical songs of Maria Callas I felt music became a part of my life. During school I sang in bands and loved to act too. I wrote acts and songs and every friday afternoon I played for my classmates. All kinds of music from classic, country, blues, gospel, soul and jazz made me the woman and singer I am now.

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I love to write about the usual things in life, happiness and love. It’s a privilege to make songs and paintings to express yourself and a great gift when it can open hearts of people. I found good musicians to work with and to share this inspiration. My first single was with Robby van Leeuwen from Shooking Blue named ‘Little fool’. In 1981 I was singing the both ABBA vocals on Stars on 45 a project with producer Jaap Eggermont for which I received a golden record. When I came in that studio I imitated various singers like Karen Carpenter, Shirley Bassy, Barbra Streisand and ABBA. After that project I knew I wanted to write my own songs. During the years after that I was singing jazz in the jazzclubs of The Haque. I was lucky to work with jazz pianist Bert van der Brink, Rob van der Broeck and other musicians.In the last years there was time to find my own style a mix between blues, jazz, folk and pop. Songs with a message and I hope my first single ‘Wake me Up’ can open hearts to find compassion for all the living creatures on this earth. With finding those people who helped me with this compassion project I think I found the right musicians to help me realizing to make my first album. Better late than never!


‘Wake Up Now’ the new single of Claudia is a beautiful love story. It’s a song about a raccoon and a beautiful lady who are trying to find the heart. With this ‘Anti Fur song’ I hope I can open hearts of people who are wearing fur so they will stop buying it. Music can be a thrill to make this world a more beautiful place for all earthlings. It was a challenge to draw my own clip and I am enormously grateful that friends helped me to realize this project. We recorded the song in the Bunt Studio in Utrecht with Andre van den Bunt and it was a privilege to work with talented people like Joost van Es, best instrumentalist 2013 (DMCA) and Kim Wijsbeek who helpes me with arranging the songs. I’m looking forward to realize my first album with songs of the heart with a mix of Blues, Pop, Folk and Country.

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New album

Music is fun, working hard for this album 'Who you want to be'!

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